Local Gardening  Resources

San Diego has many excellent resources to fill out your garden with beautiful plants and your mind with the knowledge to make them flourish. 


City Farmers - Founded by San Diego Native Bill Tall in 1972, City Farmers Nursery is a family-owned, independently operated garden supply nursery located in the heart of San Diego.

4832 HOME AVE.

Mission Hills Nursery - The nursery was founded in 1910 by the ‘Mother of Balboa Park’ Kate Sessions.

1525 Fort Stockton Drive

San Diego, California 92103

Walter Andersen - San Diego's Independent Nursery Since 1928™ Friendly, knowledgeable and always welcoming, Walter Andersen Nursery offers customers a trusted, independently-owned local resource for their gardening and outdoor care needs.

3642 Enterprise Street

San Diego CA 92110


Seed Sources:

San Diego Seed Company - Great source for local, non-GMO, heirloom, untreated, organic seeds.


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - Great source for Rare heirloom seeds.


Or visit any of the above local nurseries.