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Garden Rules and Regulations


 1.   Upon assignment of a plot, work must begin within one month.

2.   Gardens must be kept planted during all seasons and cannot lay fallow, except   under unusual circumstances and must be agreed upon by the Board.

3.   Do NOT use any inorganic pesticides/herbicides in the Garden.

4.   Please Do NOT plant any tree or shrub in your plot that would be considered permanent.  They are difficult to remove for future gardeners. No invasive plants such as vines, mint, or asparagus are allowed. If in doubt please consult the Board.

5.   Gardeners are expected to keep their plants confined within the border and keep their plots and surrounding pathways free of Bermuda grass, oxalis, stinging nettles and trash.

6.   Harvest all ripe produce on a regular basis to deter theft and animal predation

7.   Due to animals eating our plants, fences are allowed around individual plots, upon approval by the Board of the design and building material. Any construction in your plot has to be approved by the board.


8.   Water will be provided.  It is the responsibility of all gardeners to practice conservation techniques, as water costs affect all gardeners. Turn off the water at all spigots and valves when you leave the garden. Please adhere to local water conservation requirements.

9.   Respect your neighbor’s plots.  Do not touch or remove plants or vegetables without their permission.

10.   Garden meetings are held monthly.  All gardeners must attend at least six (6) meetings each year. Attending meetings is a way of meeting and getting to know the other gardeners.   Problems are addressed as well as identifying means of resolving them.  Education and community event information is also shared. If unable to attend monthly meetings work events will be offered. Personal circumstances will be considered for exception.

“Garden Work Days” will be scheduled quarterly.  You are expected to attend at least two (2) of these “Work Days” each year.

11.   All trash must be thrown into the appropriate garbage bin.  If your trash does not fit in the bin, you must take it home and dispose of it there.

12.   No illegal practices will be tolerated in the Garden. This will result in immediate termination and loss of plot.

13.   Pets are allowed into the Garden.  If there are any reports with problems with pets by fellow gardeners, your pet will not be allowed in the Garden.

14.   Children must be under adult supervision at all times.

15.   If you must permanently leave the garden for any reason, you must notify the Board.  No gardener has the right to transfer their plot to someone else without approval of the Board.

16.   Communication about Garden issues should be communicated via email.  Minutes of the meetings will be emailed and also posted in the shed.

17.   Please report any problems to the Board as soon as possible by email or phone.

18.   Please report any changes in your contact information to the Board by email or phone.

19.   If you have a fence plot, store items against the fence. Please keep it neat and tidy.

20.   The garden will provide compost. Rules of Composting will be posted in the shed.

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